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Lake Michigan Salmon Fishing Charters

Chinook Pier, Grand Haven, Michigan

Action Fly

af_logoEvery Action Fly is designed and tested to be a top producer. All colors have been proven to catch fish for anglers throughout the Great Lakes and ocean. So effective have these flies been that many tournaments have been won with the help of the Hypnotic Action Fly.


Dreamweaver Lures

dwfish_logo_tdwDreamweaver develops and produces tournament-proven Big-water fishing tackle including Dreamweaver Spoons, Fuzzy Bear spoons, Action Fly, Strong fly, Spin Doctor, and much more. Dreamweaver Products are standard issue for Trout/Salmon fisherman everywhere. Professional fisherman swear by our products to deliver results.

Shimano Fishing

logo_shimanoAcross the planet, the Shimano name is synonymous with fishing.  The company is regarded as one of the forerunners in product innovation and an industry leader.  Shimano prides itself on its ability to design and produce fishing tackle that features cutting edge technology.

Spin Doctor

sd_logoSpin Doctors have proven to be the most productive rotator on the market today. An Action fly, spoon or cutbait combination behind this rotator is the rig of choice for anglers throughout the Great Lakes and ocean. It has proven itself so effective, Kings and Cohos swim in fear of being lured into its hypnotic action.
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Mission Statement:  Sea Flea Charters is dedicated to providing the highest quality charter fishing experience.  We commit to advance the technology of Lake Michigan Salmon and Trout fishing ( from our location at Chinook Pier, Grand Haven, MI )  in order to deliver unsurpassed customer satisfaction.